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What Do House Hunting and Online Assessment Have in Common?

June 26, 2012
Advancements in technology have had a tremendous realtorimpact across industries.  One example is the home real estate industry.  My wife and I are currently house hunting.  Our real estate agent made an offhand comment that sparked my interest.  She mentioned that the process of showing houses to buyers was a lot more efficient these days, because when a person visited a house it was actually a second showing for the house.  With web-based technology, buyers already have seen pictures and viewed an online 360° tour of the house.  They are able to compare it with other houses that sold recently in the surrounding area by accessing online databases.  The local schools can be identified and ranked with certain web sites.  Prospective buyers can even access satellite images of the house to identify the geography, streets, traffic patterns, and local businesses in the surrounding area.  All of this information is evaluated before stepping foot in a potential home.  As a result, home buyers don’t have to visit nearly as many homes to make a decision.My real estate agent was essentially describing the concept of online assessment.  Employers, like home buyers, are increasingly leveraging online technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their hiring processes.
  • Online assessment provides employers with a wealth of data about an individual prior to them arriving to the office for an interview. 

  • Online resume collection has been done for years, but employers are currently utilizing increasingly sophisticated online application questionnaires. 

  • More and more employers are also requiring applicants to complete online competency-based assessments.  The data from these methods can be quickly filtered and sorted so that hiring managers can easily identify the candidates with the most potential.

With less effort, employers are receiving more information about an applicant than what they would have learned through a series of time-consuming interviews.Similarly, prospective candidates can gain a better understanding of an organization and available positions online before they even apply.  Most companies post at least basic information about their organization on a website, and some employers even build in what’s termed “realistic job previews” via detailed descriptions of positions and work environments, videos depicting a “day in the life” of an employee, etc.  Candidates are then able to make informed evaluations of their own desire and fit for the target position before they invest time in the hiring process, and in turn the company invests time in them.So as an employer, don’t waste your valuable time with “first showings” – take advantage of online assessments to make your hiring process more effective and efficient.

Brian Dishman Brian Dishman is a Senior Consultant at PSI. He educates safety leaders on the internal factors that impact employee safety. Brian focuses on safety leadership, safety culture development, and the psychology of safety.