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HR New Years Resolution: Current Trends in Human Resources

January 17, 2012

As the new year begins, people everywhere are making their own personal resolutions to better themselves or the lives of others. A quick search of some of the top resolutions made year after year include eating healthy, staying fit, and spending more time with family and friends. The underlying, reoccurring theme of each resolution is the fact that everyone is to a great extent trying to make this year even better than the last.

As HR professionals, there are many aspects of the workplace HR is responsible for and the role of HR seems to be continually expanding and becoming more crucial to organizations. Keeping in line with New Year’s resolutions, there may be several ways to make this year better than the last for HR and your organization. One great way to start the year off is improving hiring processes to increase the caliber of new hires, which can have a dramatic affect on vital organization outcomes. To embark on the journey of making this year better than last for HR and your organization, here are two ways to improve your hiring processes:   

1.)    Screening Tools and Pre Employment Assessments- Wouldn’t it be useful before you made a decision to know that there is a good chance of your decision turning out favorable? Like any decision, the same is true and would be useful for the workplace, as well. Luckily, with screening tools and assessments, your organization can improve the prediction of identifying productive, high-performing, and dependable employees before you hire them. Reliable and valid assessments that assess motivational fit, core job-related competencies, and key attributes of effective performers can dramatically improve your organization’s ability to hire the best candidates.  The screening tools and assessments that you use for a target position should measure the skills and attributes most important for effective job performance in that position or job family, which could include a combination of different types of measurement such as motivational fit, personality, cognitive ability, and situational judgment, just to name a few.

2.)    Improve Interview Processes- We all like to think we are a good choice of character and will be able to identify and hire the right person effectively through an interview. I know, personally, I have never made a mistake or been a bad judge of character this entire year… In reality, we all can be subject to the biases of interviewing if we are not careful, such as the “first impression” or the “similar to me” effects. Research demonstrates that even though candidates may be an actual poor job fit, the candidates that are pleasant and articulate score very well in traditional interviews. To prevent hiring a candidate that is a poor fit, using a structured interview process and training interviewers can eliminate the unproductive and inaccurate components of the traditional interview. By utilizing structured behavioral interviews and training hiring managers to conduct effective interviews, the interview process can be greatly improved and enhanced.  With hiring managers learning the various facets and appropriate techniques to use during structured behavioral interviews, the organization will be well on its way to conducting valid, efficient, and legally defensible interviews. Use these simple interview process improvement suggestions to help you make the right hiring decisions and improve your organization’s interviews for this new year and onward. After all, even hiring one poor fit candidate can have a dramatic, negative impact on your organization, including negative outcomes such as replacement costs, additional management time required for coaching, lost productivity, turnover, reduced employee morale, just to name a few.

One last tidbit of information about New Year’s resolution is that research demonstrates 52% of participants in one study were confident of success concerning their news resolutions goals, but only 12% actually attained their goals (Wiseman, 2007). Is your organization equipped with the right tools to find, hire, and retain talent and be one of the few to achieve a new year’s goal of creating a new and improved year in HR? Screening tools and improved interview processes are two of numerous ways to help set you on the right track. So, why wait and start working on creating a better year in 2012?!

Jason Frizzell Jason Frizzell is a Consultant at PSI with experience in designing and implementing valid and legally defensible large-scale selection systems across a number of industries. He is involved in project management, supporting and managing clients within the healthcare, manufacturing, technology, retail, call center, mining, and transportation industries to help each in identifying, selecting, and developing top talent. Jason also holds a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. His area of expertise include developing selection tools, competency modeling, efficient selection process design, job analyses, and talent management.