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Announcing the Select International Blog: Select Perspectives

January 24, 2011
On behalf of Select International, we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the long overdue launch of our corporate blog, Select Perspectives.  The purpose of our blog is to provide stimulating, educational content to our readers on a wide array of Human Resources related issues.  We are very proud of the research that we’ve conducted as an organization as well as the team of experienced professionals that we have on staff.  We’ll be tapping into that experience and research as we bring you timely and thought-provoking content.  We urge you to respond with your comments and begin discussions on the myriad of topics that we’ll be introducing.  Through a combination of guest bloggers and in-house content experts, we promise to keep the content fresh and relevant to anyone interesting in finding, hiring and retaining top talent.


Kevin Klinvex, Chris Klinvex, Matthew O’Connell

Co-Founders of Select International

Kevin Klinvex Kevin Klinvex was a founding partner of Select International, acquired by PSI. He is a thought leader in organization-wide hiring and retention programs. His work focused on combining powerful testing and assessment tools with the best in web-based delivery and data tracking. Kevin co-authored the best-selling book, Hiring Great People.