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Builders, Cutters and Maintainers: Building Builders

April 12, 2011
As discussed in previous blogs, Cutters are poor performers who should be removed from any organization.  In this blog we take a refreshing look at Builders, the top performers in your organization.  Builders are “A” players who have a passion for their jobs and have a knack for making the right decisions and getting things done.  Builders believe in hard work and are dissatisfied with average performance.  Most are very achievement-oriented and tend to hold themselves and others to higher standards.  Builders are the “go to” people in your company. Examples of Builder behaviors include the following:

  • The order-taker who smiles, works at a brisk pace, and makes the customer feel valued.
  • The executive who inspires his people to do more than they thought possible.
  • The professional who never drops the ball and gets it done, no matter what.
  • The assembler who jumps in and helps others to keep pace.
  • The manager who reframes problems and takes the time to develop his people.
  • The janitor who cleans with pride when no one is looking.
  • The account manager who grows business while making every contact feel important.
Builders are at every level in the organization and perform every job.

  • They don’t blame, and they don’t see themselves as victims.
  • They hold themselves personally accountable and willingly accept the consequences for their actions.
  • They believe the pie is big enough for everyone, and they are not threatened by other’s success.
  • When asked why they do what they do, they generally respond by saying, “This is just how I was raised,” or “This is what I believe is right. What else would I do?”
The ROI of replacing one Cutter with one Builder is enormous.  It is impingent upon the organization to constantly be identifying and replacing Cutters with Builders.  The technology and methods have been developed to make this happen.

Organizations are not democracies.  It is perfectly appropriate to treat Builders better.  Promote them faster.  Pay them more money.  Give them more perks.  Provide them with more recognition.  Everyone should look at Builders and say, “I want to be like that person.”

Kevin Klinvex Kevin Klinvex was a founding partner of Select International, acquired by PSI. He is a thought leader in organization-wide hiring and retention programs. His work focused on combining powerful testing and assessment tools with the best in web-based delivery and data tracking. Kevin co-authored the best-selling book, Hiring Great People.