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Happy Boss' Day, Super Bosses - We're Looking at You HR

October 13, 2011

Editor's note: This event has already taken place.

HR Managers are like Super Bosses. They have all of the responsibilities of regular bosses, but instead of only handling a team of people, HR deals with every single one of a company’s employees. Every major moment in an employee’s career will be handled by an HR Manager. Hiring? An HR Manger is there. Need health insurance? An HR Manger is there. Vacations, promotions, even the dreaded firing? An HR Manger is there for all of these things.

Being a Super Boss isn’t easy. This Sunday, October 16th is National Boss' Day. HR Managers, take this day to relax and reflect. Think of how many people that you’ve helped throughout your career. Your hard work has benefited so many people. You might have helped new parents plan out maternity leave or provided support to a grieving employee. Not only do you help with major life moments, but you also do a million little things to improve day to day business. The policies that you create, implement and maintain help to keep the company productive and the employee’s satisfied.

Since you have to enforce the rules, you might not always get the recognition that you deserve. However, it is your efforts that make your company a great place to work. Enjoy National Boss' Day by celebrating your past success and thinking about what you’d like to accomplish in the future.

When you get back to the office on Monday, hopefully someone will acknowledge your efforts with a latte, a lunch or even a simple “thank you for everything that you do.” Whether or not your employees recognize you, know that your work will speak for itself. Every problem that you solve improves your company for the better. Have a wonderful National Boss' Day, Super Bosses. You certainly deserve it!

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This guest post was written by Erin Palmer. Erin works with Villanova University’s online human resources certification program in addition to their human resource development masters degree. Erin can be reached on Twitter @Erin_E_Palmer.

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