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In Memory of Steve Jobs: the Ultimate Pitch Man

October 18, 2011

I’m an Apple guy, always have been; and not just one of these trendy new comers.  My love for Apple goes back to my days as an IT support technician in the early 90’s.  The reason is very simple…Apple products are better.  Simply put, their stuff just works.

Given my love of Apple products I still found it strange, that with the passing of Steve Jobs, I felt as though I’d lost a member of my family.  But why?  I never met the man, I didn’t know anyone who actually knew him.  So why did I feel so bad when I heard about his death?  Then it hit me not only did the man touch my life with his products, he had touched my life as a sales professional.

That’s right, a sales professional.  Steve Jobs was the ultimate pitch man.  Not only was Jobs the ultimate pitch man, but he changed the way we shop for our music.  I’ve heard many people compare Jobs to Edison and Disney and I have to agree those are fair comparisons, however I believe an equally fair comparison to Steve Jobs is Sam Walton.

Jobs and Walton have a couple of things in common.

The first is they both radically changed the way we shop.  I mean, it’s really hard to imagine what the landscape of retail and music would look like if Walton and Jobs had never come along.

Secondly, they believed in what they were selling.  To me this is the one thing there’s no substitute for as a sales professional.  If you believe that your product or service is second to none the client can hear it in your voice and see it in your eyes.  Walton and Job were both very passionate, and you knew it.

As a sales professional, if you’re selling something you don’t believe in you need to either; a. find a new profession, or b. a new company to work for because you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.  The most successful people in life are the people who find joy in their work.  Sales professionals should provide something to their client that makes their life easier, fills a need, or brings the client joy, if that’s the case then you’ve accomplished your job.  As we look back at the life of Steve Jobs I think we can honestly say he did all three.

Not everyone is cut out to be a sales professional and even fewer people have the passion of a Steve Jobs.  That’s why organizations like Select International provide assessment solutions. Assessment helps individuals identify strengths and weaknesses and provides solutions that will help develop those areas that may be deficient.

Unfortunately passion is an area that really can’t be developed, so find something you’re passionate about and if you’re a sales professional your job will be much easier and a lot more fun.  If you need further proof look no further than the life of Steve Jobs.

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David Juristy David Juristy is Vice President of Sales, and the executive leader of PSI’s safety practice. He has used his background in Industrial Operations and military training in Quality & Safety compliance to work with many of today’s top companies to implement safety solutions.