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ASHHRA Conference Presentation – Two Strategies to Move Key HR Metrics

December 17, 2015


Select International’s Director of Research and Development, Ted Kinney, Ph.D. joined Rhonda Larimore, VP of Human Resources for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, of UPMC, for one of the most dynamic presentations of the recent ASHHRA conference in Washington, D.C. Their presentation, titled “The Business Case for Employee Investment,” outlined the strategies and success of Children’s Hospital.

Two of the most important strategies:

  1. Link all HR Functions to organization strategy and values; and
  2. Focus on employee selectiondescribe the image

If HR is going to move from just an administrative role, it needs to ensure that all of its functions, metrics and processes contribute to the overall success of the organization – including bottom line performance metrics. This starts by defining initiatives that vital enough that they are worthy of a prominent role in the organization’s strategic plan. In this case, all relevant HR metrics are tied to specific organizational goals and specific initiatives are tied to a deliberate approach to enhancing organizational culture.

Every new hire or promotion decision is an opportunity to drive HR metrics and overall culture. Standardized and consistent selection processes also improve legal defensibility, the candidate experience and ensure that decisions are based on behavioral skills that contribute to the desired culture.

Children’s Hospital began hiring for attitude, more so than technical skills. It incorporated online behavioral assessments in the selection process – assessments looking at competencies tied directly to organizational values; and created a structured, consistent interviewing program.

The results?

  • Reduced staff turnover by 59%
  • 16 percentile point improvement in patient satisfaction
  • Reduced time to fill by 44%
  • Improved staff perception of the hospital’s focus on safety by 10%
  • Improved staff perception of their own involvement in patient experience initiatives by 18%

What can we learn from this? Healthcare recruiting and staffing needs to focus on behavioral competencies that support the organization’s goals and HR needs to make sure that its initiatives and metrics are relevant and linked directly to the organization’s overall strategic plan and goals.


Bryan Warren Bryan Warren was the former Director of Healthcare Solutions at PSI. He was responsible for developing and promoting tools and services designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.