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A Mobile-Friendly Assessment Process Helps with Hiring for Diversity [Video]

March 1, 2018

More than 8 in 10 internet users used their mobile phone to access the web regularly in 2017. This has an impact on your hiring process in that offering online and mobile applications will bring you a higher candidate volume, increase the candidate experience, and portray your company as up-to-date on technology trends. But, there are some less commonly recognized benefits to using mobile assessments. 

A Mobile-Friendly Assessment Process Helps with Hiring for Diversity 



Ted Kinney, Ph.D.: Candidates are using mobile technology to access your employee assessment more than they ever have in the past. This has a lot of positive outcomes. It also has some things that we should be careful about. One topic of consideration is, how does the usage of mobile devices impact your selection system's diversity goals? 

Jessica Petor: Specifically, we've seen an increase of applicants using mobile devices over the last four years by 3 times. It started at 7%, and we're up to almost 23%. With that, we've also seen that minorities are using mobile devices at a higher rate than non-minorities. Specifically, women, African American, and Hispanic applicants. So, by allowing candidates to use mobile devides on assessments, we're also increasing the diversity of applicants. 

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Ted Kinney, Ph.D.: So, this is good! We're able to increase the diversity of our candidate pool by allowing candidates to access assessments through any device that they choose. There's one caveat, though: what if taking an assessment on a small screen device is harder than taking it on a larger screen device? Essentially, then, you have a situation where you're inviting more diversity into your applicant pool, and that diversity is then getting a lower score based on the device type that they're using.

So, as you go mobile, the positive side is that you can increase diversity. But, it's critically important to make sure that the assessment that you're using has been verified to be equivalent across device type. Check out the blog, How to Make Your Employee Selection Process Mobile Friendly to learn more.

Mobile Assessments What We Know and Where We’re Going

Ted Kinney, Ph.D. Ted Kinney, Ph.D. is the VP of Research and Development for PSI. An Industrial/Organizational psychologist, Dr. Kinney leads a team of selection experts and developers in the creation and on-going research into the most efficient and effective selection methodologies and tools. He is a trusted advisor to many international companies across all industries. He has particular expertise in behavioral interviewing, turnover reduction, effective selection strategy, and executive assessment.