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A Look Back: Five Talent and Selection Trends of 2014

December 17, 2015


As we look back on 2014, a few interesting trends reveal themselves:

1. Increasing interest in progressive hiring and talent strategies.477454975-1

Select International has been around since 1993. We got our start in manufacturing and quickly moved to other industries like retail, call centers and energy. Companies in these sectors realized a long time ago that (a) Talent matters; and (b) A deliberate approach to selection and development built on behavioral competencies could improve their bottom line.

Some of our early healthcare clients about a decade ago sought us out because they were adopting lean and aware of our work with Toyota. Pretty quickly, though, organizations realized that selecting and developing for behavioral skills like collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence and conscientiousness could impact turnover, employee performance, patient satisfaction and even patient safety. Now we work with leading academic medical centers, community hospitals, physician groups and even the largest wound and kidney dialysis companies.

2. Physician Selection and Development

Nobody was thinking about a structured approach to physician selection, development and performance a few years ago. Everyone was talking about “physician alignment” and building performance report cards, but the real focus was just building a network of employed doctors. Now that they’ve done it, they have a unique and valuable workforce, but most have no clue how to evaluate or improve physician behavior, performance, success and satisfaction.

In response to client demand, we built and rolled out Select Assessment® for Physicians – the first of its kind, behavioral assessment designed specifically for physicians. It can be useful in the selection process and is perfect as a developmental tool, providing insight into a physician’s work style, leadership style and thinking style as well as identifying any potential behavioral disruptors. The feedback has been tremendous.

We’ve also been working with clients to better define physician behavioral expectations and building these into a new approach to the physician interview and our PhysicianFit® tool will help to assure alignment of the operational expectations and goals that impact physician retention and career satisfaction. All of this work is part of what we believe is the most comprehensive approach available to physician selection and development.

3. Leadership Tools

Healthcare reform continues to place tremendous pressure on senior leaders. Failure is unacceptable. We continue to see more demand for Select Assessment® for Executives, for both selection and development, as our clients realize that today’s healthcare challenges require that we maximize the leadership selection and development processes. SAE has been used to select and develop all positions including Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and even Department Chairs.

Our development work has expanded into custom senior team retreats for administrators and physicians. Our behavioral assessments (particularly Select Assessment® for Leader Development) are the perfect foundation for improving team function. The key is the ability to tie individual and group strengths and weaknesses to real, operational issues and challenges facing the organization.

4. Hospital Start-Ups

Health systems usually grow through acquisition. Most have little experience opening a new hospital. Staffing a new manufacturing plant is one thing but figuring out the most efficient, effective way to get the right staff in the door to open something as complex as a hospital, is another, entirely. Fortunately, it’s an area of expertise for us and we continue to work on these projects in the U.S. and abroad.

5. A focus on Staff Behaviors that Impact the Patient Experience

The implementation of the HCAHPS program placed a new emphasis on patient satisfaction and forward thinking hospitals looked to recruiters and the hiring process to help. Now most hospitals have implemented structured interviewing and behavioral tools to screen for key behavioral traits. NurseFit®, our nursing-specific behavioral screening tool continues to be the most widely used, nursing-specific tool of its kind on the market.

Now we are seeing advancement in the use of assessments to develop these key traits in front line personnel. The Select C.A.R.E. Assessment is proving a valuable tool to understand and improve the behaviors that impact the patient experience. In 2015, we are adding a safety component – targeting the behavioral competencies that impact patient safety. It will be a valuable tool to augment current staff training, but giving them insight into their own behavioral tendencies.

2014 was an exciting year for us. As we move into 2015 we look forward to helping our clients to meet their needs, to fulfill their missions and to improve the quality of healthcare. We continue to believe, and our work confirms, that the quality of care is directly tied to quality of talent, and of talent systems!

Please join us at one of our upcoming speaking engagements:

We will be discussing physician selection and development at People in Healthcare in San Diego, and behaviors, culture and patient safety at the Virginia Hospital Association Patient Safety Summit!



Bryan Warren Bryan Warren was the former Director of Healthcare Solutions at PSI. He was responsible for developing and promoting tools and services designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.