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6 Takeaways From the Healthcare Employee Engagement Webinar

July 8, 2016

healthcare-checklist.jpgWe’ve had some great webinars. We had over 900 people registered for our webinar on how culture and behaviors impact patient safety. We had rave reviews for our panel discussion on the role of emotional intelligence in physician success and career satisfaction. Our webinars with Becker’s Hospital Review are always a success.

Last week, though, we led a panel discussion on how senior leaders are using employee engagement and talent strategies to drive success, that may have been our best yet. The feedback so far indicates that we struck a chord. Beyond the nuts and bolts strategies we discussed, some of the topics, particularly the concept of connecting to manager and employee passion, had attendees telling us the session was “amazing” and even “inspirational”.

I’m not surprised because one thing I know about each of the panelists is that they share a passion for what they do. We had:

  • Mark Sevco – President of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s newest hospital. Mark’s team built the facility, infrastructure and culture from scratch and they now have the top patient experience scores in the system.

  • Donna Katen-Bahensky  The former President and CEO of hospitals and clinics at two leading academic health systems with a special passion for the role of people and communication skills and their impact on organizational success.

  • Brad Weeks  The Director of Performance Improvement Research for HealthStream. Brad’s team is laser focused on helping to allow the voices of providers and staff to drive the patient experience and even their own professional development and satisfaction.

There were probably dozens of useful, practical pieces of advice, but I noted six interesting points:

  1. The sad state of employee engagement is, in Donna’s point of view, healthcare’s greatest crisis, because it affects everything we are trying to accomplish.

  2. Every organization needs to commit to investment in their managers and resources.

  3. Mark talked about an interesting tool – a “Healthy Culture Report Card” that his team uses at UPMC East – making the idea of culture change, more concrete.

  4. Get managers to appreciate their role in building and developing their teams. It’s not HR’s job to find the right people. It’s a team effort!

  5. Senior leaders are seeing HR leaders as key members of the team. Rather than filling a simple transactional role, HR is the expert at bringing talent strategies that support the organization’s larger goals.

  6. Finally – all of the panelists spoke to helping employees at all levels to connect to their passion. The organization’s success or failure will turn on that passion, and our ability to select people that have it, to foster it, and to create a culture where it can manifest itself – keeping employees engaged and excited about their work, and their purpose.

If you missed the webinar, I’d encourage you to take an hour and listen to the discussion! Here’s the link:

How are Senior Leaders Using Employee Engagement and Talent Strategies to Drive Success? – A Panel Discussion

Bryan Warren Bryan Warren is the President of J3 Personica, a consulting, assessment, training, and coaching firm, and a guest blogger for PSI. Bryan is an expert in progressive talent strategies, with a particular focus on leader and physician selection and development.