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5 Ways to Review and Refresh Your Recruitment Campaign

March 3, 2021

iStock-672497086After a roller coaster of a year, there is no better time to review and refresh your recruitment campaign. It’s safe to say that the world of work is a completely different landscape now, with remote working, hybrid roles and a challenging economic climate. Whether you had to freeze hiring or have faced a boom in recruitment, all organizations have faced difficult decisions in how to hire safely, effectively, and efficiently. As we move towards a more optimistic outlook for 2021, it's a good opportunity to reflect on how fit-for-purpose your recruitment methods are. To help your thinking, here are some of our top tips:

1. Take a long look at 2020 (and beyond)

What worked well? What didn’t go as planned? What does your data say?

Starting with simple questions can help you to navigate the complexities of all the different parts of your selection processes. Use this opportunity to look at the lessons you’ve learned, for example:

  • What quality of hire have you achieved this year?

  • What technology helped you/hindered you to hire effectively? Why was this?

  • What’s your candidate experience like now?

  • How are your recruiters and line managers dealing with your processes?

  • What learnings can you take forward to reinvent your hiring process?

2. Demystify the data

Data doesn’t have to be difficult and breaking it down to each stage of your process, from attraction to hire, can really help you to see where the most impactful parts are. Ask yourself:

  • What is collected and where in the process?

  • What are your core priorities and is there data available for these?

  • Do you need to measure all these data points? What are the "must haves?"

  • What data should you be focusing on to meet your organization’s needs?

3. Check your criteria

It could be a new vision, reacting to Covid-19, furlough or working from home, but your business will have changed and what you’re looking for in your employees has changed too. Start by looking at the criteria you’re hiring for, including behaviors and skills:

  • Are you looking for the same behaviors from your employees?

  • Are your competencies giving you the same insight and value as before?

  • Do your current assessments measure what you really need?

  • Are your interviews/applications etc. getting to your core behaviors/skills quickly?

 4. Take a different perspective

Hiring fairly and in a way that actively champions diversity and inclusion has never been more important. Whilst using Zoom and other technologies may seem to have helped with making processes accessible to a remote audience, there are a lot of selection practices that are not as inclusive as they might first appear.

  • Are your entry criteria (i.e. academics/qualifications) fair and achievable in this new world?

  • Is your technology, website and process truly accessible to all? When was the last time you looked at each step?

  • What are the workarounds for candidates who need help or reasonable adjustments?

  • Are your line managers and recruiter’s tech ready too? What help do they need?

  • What is your vision for D&I and how is your selection informing this?

5. Connect the dots with development

The wealth of insight you gain from recruitment can sometimes fall of a cliff edge when bringing in new talent and developing your current employees. Make the most of the investment you’ve already made by asking:

  • What is the employee development journey that you aspire to?

  • What insights gained from recruitment can be used for onboarding, inclusion initiatives and personalized development planning?

  • If you need to upskill or create an adaptable workforce, can your selection assessments measure key behaviors earlier?

It’s time to pause, reflect and review. Use these key questions to make sure you’re making the most of a truly roller coaster year, so you’re ready for the next one.

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Grace Clayton Grace Clayton is Principal Consultant & Early Talent Specialist with PSI's Talent Management business. Grace is based in the UK.