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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Healthcare Assessment Partner

December 17, 2015


474830485We stay close to our clients. We want them to be successful. When we ask them why they chose to work with us and continue to work with us, over and over again, they cite five reasons. Whether you choose Select’s Healthcare Solutions or another assessment company, you should consider these same five variables:

1) It’s not just about the test

Our research and development team builds assessments for a living. They have some of the top behavioral assessment experts in the world and a huge database. The success of a selection intervention though is about way more than the test! Face it, if, like me, you are NOT an industrial-organizational consultant, your ability to compare the science behind one test to that behind another, is limited. I don’t know about you, but I can only hear about correlation coefficients, psychological testing theories and validation studies for so long before I doze off. Just make sure that the test you are considering was developed with healthcare in mind, with selection in mind, and designed by experts who understand all of these concepts. Beyond that, you need to know how to use the test – what is the best use of that test, or multiple tests, in YOUR situation. Don’t let anyone tell you that any single test is ideal for every industry, every organization, and every situation. If a vendor’s pitch is nearly 100% about the specifics of their test – they likely only have one test and once they sell it to you, won’t be around to make sure it works.

2) A partner – not a vendor

Everyone says they want to be your partner and not just sell you tests, but what does that mean? Most test vendors are just that. They have a test, or a few tests, that they resell. They want to “partner” to sell you test – that’s about it. For instance, our team really LIKES working with clients on an on-going basis to help them meet their goals. There are actually situations (rare, I’ll admit) where we recommend that a client go outside our library of tests that we’ve built, to use something else out there that is better for the situation – that’s a partnership.

3) Healthcare expertise

Healthcare is different. It just is. Can you buy a test from someone that doesn’t really understand healthcare and get some value? Sure you can. But what is your goal? If it’s creating a certain culture, if it’s integrating your selection system with everything else you are doing, if it’s getting everyone in your organization to appreciate the role of talent in patient safety, the patient experience, and organizational effectiveness - then you need a team that has rolled up their sleeves and worked closely with healthcare and hospital professionals to implement projects. Our Healthcare Consulting team loves the challenge of helping healthcare organizations to achieve their goals. They can navigate the organizational politics and understand your daily challenges and mission.

4) Flexibility

Ever feel like a vendor is putting you into a box, or talking you into a solution because it’s the solution they have to sell, and the one where they have the most profit? Healthcare organizations are complex. The challenges of implementing a selection system in this environment are complex. Your partner needs to be flexible enough to design a program that meets your needs, and the ability to change direction is the situation dictates.

5) References

Any assessment company worth its salt can provide you with a list of clients and few who will say nice things about them. But, probe the reference on the things we just listed. Beyond having a solid test to sell you: Do they know healthcare? Do they help you find the best way to use the tools? Do they think of that company as a partner? Are they flexible and responsive?

Have no doubt, our company is built on a solid foundation of scientifically designed behavioral assessments. Our team lives and breathes assessment – it’s what they do (yes, they are a bit odd, but that’s OK!). More importantly, though, our Healthcare Consulting team gets their greatest joy out of hearing how our clients see us as partners, out of the calls we get about finding new solutions to new problems that help will clients fulfill their mission.

To learn more about applying the Science of Selection to Healthcare, download our free whitepaper:

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Bryan Warren Bryan Warren is the President of J3 Personica, a consulting, assessment, training, and coaching firm, and a guest blogger for PSI. Bryan is an expert in progressive talent strategies, with a particular focus on leader and physician selection and development.