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4 Tricks to Tackle High-Volume Hiring for Expansions

August 17, 2017

If you’ve ever been involved in high-volume hiring project, then you’re no stranger to the urgency and intensity of the hiring demands. You might be finding a lack of candidates with the skill sets needed to continue to drive revenue or have a massive amount of applications to process in a short time. Your HR team is likely spread thin, you may be growing at unpredictable rates, and you need to move quickly to find top talent and keep them interested.

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If you can relate to these scenarios, have no fear. We have a few tips to help you keep your sanity and tackle high-volume hiring during times of growth and expansion.

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Know and show your culture—even amidst change.

While it’s important to communicate the culture of your company, this can be tricky in times of rapid expansion. Change, although positive, is inevitable, and maintaining your culture might become a new challenge. New facilities (possibly in new cities), growing teams, and realignment can create new regulations and dynamics. No matter what the situation, though, your employees are going to want to know what you stand for. High-volume hiring will go more smoothly when you can speak to the culture of the company and demonstrate a commitment to those values and philosophies. Not only does this assist in attracting like-minded applicants, it can guide your interview process as well. Use your culture to determine if candidates would be a good fit and to entice the top candidates into joining your team.

Automate the selection process.

Using technology can make your hiring process more efficient and less stressful on your HR teams and hiring managers. Objective criteria, such as basic qualifications, can be automated through an online employee assessment. This will save recruiters the time and effort of contacting and spending time with an individual who doesn’t meet a core requirement. Now, they’ll be able to efficiently use their limited time on the things that cannot be evaluated with an online process, such as the applicant’s fit within the organization’s culture or fit within a specific work team.

Use a work sample.

Your applicant pool will likely include candidates who don’t have relevant work experience. Include a work sample towards the end of your selection process to not only assess applicants’ ability to do the job but to give them a preview of the role. A work sample can be any activity that the applicant may have to do on the job - develop a new tool, brainstorm solutions to a nagging issue, create sales presentations, etc. Be sure to include the parameters that your company operates around: give realistic deadlines even if they’re tough and include challenges commonly encountered in the role. The work sample can allow you to identify the gaps in the applicant’s skill set and determine if those gaps are trainable or deal breakers. Standardize your scoring for the work samples so that you can distribute them to multiple candidates and rate the results quickly. Don’t be surprised if some people self-select out at this stage, either - this is a good sign that your work sample is sufficiently representative of your unique organization.

Free up more of your HR team’s time by using a Realistic Job Preview video.

This a good way to give candidates a realistic idea of the job and ensure their expectations are in line with the job duties. (And, once an RJP video is created for the type of role for which you’re hiring, your HR teams are freed up to focus on other aspects of the process.) Click here to see an example of a Realistic Job Preview video.

High-volume hiring is unique in its needs for a number of reasons. While the core best practices of selection still apply, you need to put in the extra steps to ensure a tailored and streamlined approach that will keep your HR team’s stress levels at a minimum and increase efficiency.

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High-Volume Hiring in a Tight Labor Market

Jaclyn Menendez, PhD Jaclyn Menendez, PhD is a Project Consultant at PSI based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Her areas of expertise include testing, assessments, and project management. Jaclyn has contributed to the development, validation, and implementation of assessments with various clients. She has managed, analyzed, and presented data analyses for content and criterion validation studies.