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4 Reasons Why an Automated Hiring Process Will Help Your Company

March 10, 2015

hiring-funnelYour company may be in the position where they are thinking of moving from a manual hiring process to an automated one. You may struggle to see the advantages, especially if your current, tried and true, process is working. When thinking about automating your process, here are some reasons that an automated process will help to make your hiring process and job more effective.

1. Less labor intensive  A manual process is more labor intensive than an automated one. If you have people screening resumes and making phone calls, this can be very time consuming. If you are in a high volume hiring situation, this could be one (or more) person’s full time job. They are likely reviewing resumes or applications and calling people to make appointments. When automating your process, you let the system do this work for you. It can screen people on criteria and automatically schedule them for appointments all while your staff is working on other important tasks.

2. Consistency – When using an automated process, all candidates are screened against the same criteria consistently. When reviewing resumes or applications manually, it is easier to use subjectivity or be biased. With an automated process, everyone is screened against the same criteria, no questions asked. Consistency will also help improve the legal defensiblity of your hiring process. 

3. Tracking – When all information is in one automated system, tracking candidates through the hiring process is much more efficient. With a manual process, you may be shuffling around a folder with the candidates paper resume, application, assessment results and interview notes, but automation allows anyone who has access to the system to log in and see this information without having to find the paper trail. An automated system will also allow you to better track pass rates at each step in the process and look for reasons why people are falling out of the hiring process. If using a manual process this information may be nearly impossible to know.

4. Availability – Many automated systems are available via the internet and therefore can be accessed from any computer that has internet access. This allows for more flexibility and availability of information. Employees can check the status of their candidates while traveling or access information with a few clicks of their computer. A manual process is likely to be more cumbersome and not have the information needed as readily available.

When thinking about moving to an automated hiring process, these are some areas to consider. While each organizations needs are different and unique, an automated process is one that is sure to make everyone’s job easier regardless of the situation you are in.

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Megan Why Megan Why is a Consultant located in the Pittsburgh office of PSI. Her areas of expertise include: workplace safety, interview training, and pre-employment selection assessments.