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3 Things Acquisition and Assessment Teams Can Do During a Hiring Freeze

July 23, 2020

Many of us are in situations where hiring, promotions, and other talent activities are on hold. Our organizations have necessarily turned their attention toward responding to the pandemic, with these activities taking priority.


3 Things Acquisition and Assessment Teams Can Do During a Hiring FreezeAlthough Talent Acquisition and Talent Assessment teams may be pulled into various response initiatives, we have the opportunity to revisit important work that often gets put on the back burner due to urgent selection needs.  


Below are three essential areas your team can focus on right now: 


Upgrade Your Selection Processes

Evaluate your hiring or promotional process from end-to-end. Consider what tools or methods have been in place for a while that could use a fresh look. For example:  

  • When was the last time you reviewed the messaging and communication that occurs throughout the process from a candidate’s perspective? Is it timely, friendly, clear, concise, and helpful?  

  • Could your interview questions or job descriptions use a refresh?  

  • Is there a new hiring or promotional assessment you have been meaning to research? 

  • What new approaches or processes have you wanted to try, but there has never been a good cut-over date to do so?   

This can also be a good time to connect with key end-users like recruiters and hiring managers. Gather their feedback on current processes and outcomes to guide future endeavors. 


Engage More Effectively as a Team

Take a step back from the day-to-day to consider how effectively the team is working as a unit and with other areas of the organization. Assess the group’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Uncovering team blind spots and learning more about the team’s preferred work styles can drive better ways of working together and with other departments as well as provide an appreciation of the diverse perspectives and talents each person offers.  


Don’t forget to add in some fun, too. As we all navigate our new normal, hosting a virtual happy hour or brief game session can be a great way for employees to share their at-home workspaces, have a few laughs, and connect with each other. 


Conduct a Workforce Review

Similarly, you can help managers and business leaders prepare for the future by conducting workforce or team reviews. Show off your analytics prowess by using data from assessments, performance, and/or 360-degree feedback surveys. Identify trends within the current workforce – strengths and gaps – and align these findings with where the industry or organization is heading, especially as you consider needs for the year ahead.  


When these teams are ready to hire again, they will be prepared with the criteria (experience, behavioral competency, etc.) needed to complement the team. Managers and leaders will also be prepared with the data they need to think about career paths for their team and ways they can support continued development. 

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Bekah Regan Bekah Regan is a Consultant based in the Pittsburgh office of PSI. She provides client support across many different industries including retail, manufacturing, technology and healthcare. Her areas of expertise include developing selection tools and interview guides, providing training and support for PSI’s applicant tracking system, as well as assisting clients with requests and questions regarding tools and processes.