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Bacon Jerky, Unicorns, and the Causes of Employee Turnover

Posted by  Amber Tipton

6 Bacon Jerky, Unicorns, and the Causes of Employee Turnover-843219-edited

Turnover is complicated. Unicorns are mystical. Listen as we chat with our turnover experts, Dr. Ted Kinney, VP of Research and Development, and Dr. Alli Besl, Senior Research Consultant about what causes employee turnover, its effects, and how to reduce it. And we all learn something new about unicorn horns. Our snacks of the day during this episode? Bacon jerky and, of course, cherry turnovers.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The different types of turnover

  • The common causes of turnover

  • The effects and costs of turnover

  • Strategies to reduce turnover

  • Horns vs. antlers, unicorn vs. pegasus, and what the heck is a narwhal (nothing to do with turnover, but…we can’t be all business all the time)

Episode 6: Bacon Jerky, Unicorns, and the Causes of Employee Turnover


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Tags:   Human Resources and Hiring

Amber Tipton

is a Marketing Specialist based in the Pittsburgh office of PSI. She loves research, is a grammar ninja, and is a passionate curator of company culture. Amber has a B.A. in Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

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