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The Top 3 Education Blog Posts in 2019

December 31, 2019


As 2019 winds to a close, we're looking back on the top trends in education technology and higher ed,  and we've compiled a list of our most viewed and shared blog posts throughout the year. As you gear up for 2020, we hope you enjoy this recap of the topics that our readers found the most engaging. Happy New Year!

3. Four Questions to Ask Your Online Proctoring Provider

Online proctoring can add efficiencies for faculty, staff, and administration, as well as increase accessibility, minimize costs, and provide a consistent testing experience for all students. And, as online proctoring becomes more prevalent, students are being more selective of the programs they choose and will look for the right fit for their life, which may mean they may avoid programs that require coming to campus just for proctored exams. 

Making the best decision for your institution when choosing your online proctoring provider is important – so Mark Musacchio, Senior Director of Sales at PSI Education, compiled this list of questions to help you along the way. 

2. Five Ways to Engage Adult Learners in Higher Education

Adult learners generally have much more on their plates than “traditional” students – and though some teaching techniques apply to both sets of learners, for the modern adult learner, time is valuable and their expectations for their educational goals are high. Another thing to keep in mind is that today’s adult learners include millennials, so understanding how this generation thrives academically is also key to providing a great learning experience. Keeping that particular group engaged and happy with their experience is imperative to your educational offerings. This article by Mark Musacchio includes some great ways to keep adult learners engaged and happy with their educational experiences.

1. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Education

It seems as if artificial intelligence (AI) is never out of the news. Practically every single day, there is a new breakthrough that promises to change the world. Recently, Google announced they had created AI with a memory – meaning that their systems could learn something, remember it, and then learn something new straight after. Artificial intelligence is also making a big splash in education. According the latest market research, the artificial intelligence market in the US education sector 2018-2022 is expected to grow almost 50%. 

In our top viewed blog post of 2019, our colleague and guest blogger, Dr. Nancy Rubin, Dean of Continuing and Distance Education at Northwestern Health Sciences University, dives into how AI is being used in the education space with online proctoring, as well as how it's impacting higher education, from student acquisition and student affairs to improving institutional efficiency.

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Claire McCue Claire McCue is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing and Communications at Talogy (previously PSI Talent Management). She specializes in content marketing for the talent management, leadership, certification, and licensing industries.