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Remote Proctoring: Riding the Waves of Options

July 3, 2019
Remote Proctoring

We’re bringing our surf boards and board shorts to Long Beach, CA for the Learnin’ Safari at InstructureCon 2019! In my session, Proctorin’: Riding the Waves of Options on Wednesday, July 10 at 10am PT, I’ll be talking about the advantages of integrating PSI remote test proctoring software into your Canvas server, including a PSI test surfer on your Canvas test server, man.

Remote proctoring is no Barney (a rookie surfer), so a full integration of remote test proctoring software into your Canvas server provides a lot of distinct advantages for everyone involved − as the industry shifts focus to student-centered proctoring, we must consider what creates a positive experience for the test-taker in addition to the institution, students, faculty, and staff. Using a remote proctoring system can help accomplish this goal through process improvements that increase efficiency, consistency, and data security.

Increase Efficiency

For educators, the fastest (and most secure) way to assign proctoring to any and all tests, including third-party tests outside of Canvas, is using integrated remote proctoring applications. For example, with PSI BridgeTM  all proctoring reports are surfaced in the embedded application, including proctoring for any third-party exams to administer tests and to review any reports. This integration saves faculty and staff time by making it easier to define rules for and to configure each test. And for students, it’s the fastest, easiest and most secure way to take both high-stakes and low-stakes exams. Like wax on a surfboard.   

Customize AND Increase Consistency

In order to catch the tastiest proctorin’ waves, it’s important to do two things at once:

  1. Provide faculty and staff with a lot of options for test proctoring, including customized exam rules and white-lists. For example, they can customize to allow certain types of calculators or two sheets of scratch paper. This also includes the ability for faculty and staff to easily white-list certain applications and websites during a proctored exam while blocking everything else.

  2. Provide students with a highly consistent user experience across all proctoring methods and options. In our experience, making these customizations within a remote proctoring platform we see students continue to have, and appreciate, a highly consistent experience. 

Whether it’s Live and On-Demand proctoring for high-stakes exams or practice testing for low-stakes assessments and quizzes, it's critical to have a lot of options for faculty and staff and a highly consistent user experience for students, otherwise it will be double gnarly.

Improve Security

For students and staff, it may seem invasive or “creepy” to have someone watching them while they take their exam, but the more serious concern is about data privacy – never allowing a human proctor to physically access any student’s computer.  Even if it’s just to enter a test password, if you allow a human proctor to remote-access your students’ computers, you are agreeing to potentially massive liability, one that is 100% unnecessary. The right online proctoring system allows a minimally invasive and secure method of verifying identity in a way that the students’ privacy is always protected, and human proctored are always blocked from remote access.

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Reduce Unresolved Flags and False Positives

The siren’s call is strong for dirt cheap proctoring from automated systems using machine learning algorithms. But by eliminating the human proctor, your professors and staff now have to wade through a sea of unresolved flags and false positives generated by an algorithm to make determinations on which flags are false, and which are real violations − in other words, your professors and staff are now doing the job of the human proctors, only at a much higher pay grade. 

By combining smart technology with a massive team of highly trained human proctors, there are no unresolved flags for you to review, and very few false positives.  Just smooth surfing.  High-stakes exams deserve human proctors, not just technology. 


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Mark Stefanik is a Business Development Manager at PSI.