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A Standout Online Exam Experience for Florida Tech

August 10, 2017

Florida Institute of Technology knows a lot about proctored exam environments. As the institution’s online program has global reach, they’ve had experience with the spectrum of test proctoring options. One thing they have learned is that having a human proctor in the room doesn’t necessarily eliminate academic misconduct (incidences of cheating).

To make online test more convenient but secure, Florida Institute of Technology implemented gold-standard online remote proctoring with Remote Proctor PRO (RP PRO) System. This gave the institution the reliable security they needed and afforded students the flexibility that they loved.

Eager to ensure they were providing a standout exam taking experience, the school was always looking at solutions whose features gave the greatest flexibility for students – primarily ease of use for students and faculty, as well as convenience and security. Florida Tech turned to award-winning Remote Proctor NOW (RP NOW) to deliver an even better way to take a proctored exam online.

Beverly Strickland, Program Supervisor for Continuing Education at Florida Tech talks about her experience with Remote Proctor Solutions.



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