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The Best Get Better Together: PSI Services LLC Acquires Software Secure

January 10, 2017

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What the PSI acquisition of Software Secure means for you

We are pleased to share that Software Secure (SSI) has joined the PSI family today. After spending 17 years building a successful remote proctoring business, we felt our customers would be best served by SSI partnering with an organization that had a complementary set of attributes and help allow us to scale faster and more efficiently.

Why we wrote this blog

We wanted to develop this article for two reasons. The first is to thank you – our valued and loyal customers. You have supported us through the years and entrusted us with the noble endeavor of protecting the integrity of your distance learning programs. We are grateful and honored to have this relationship. The second is to share with you why we made the decision to join PSI and what it means for you.

 Why did we make this decision?

We believe it is imperative that we provide the most up to date technology and services to our customer base of 450+ customers. In some cases, live proctoring is considered a better option by a course, program, or institution in higher education, or a certification organization. PSI has developed a live proctoring solution that meets the needs of these customers, and integrated with our Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) solution, will allow us to offer our customers the ability to choose the cost-effective solution that meets their particular needs best, all backed by a world-class customer support and services organization.

PSI offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification tests, license management services and professional services. Their focus on exam integrity and putting the customer first fits perfectly with Software Secure’s principles.

Why PSI?

PSI Services LLC (PSI) provides worldwide testing solutions to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations and certifying bodies. It continues to grow globally with a presence in over 50 countries. PSI recognized Software Secure’s strong team, technology and market expertise; attributes that would enable PSI to compete more effectively in all market segments with a more innovative offering.  Software Secure’s strength in Higher Education dovetails with PSI years of experience and customer base in certification organizations.   PSI’s focus on test security as a priority, complementary product strengths, and global reach fit Software Secure’s needs perfectly. Which brings me to sharing why we believe this is a positive outcome for you.

Our Customers

Since day 1, our goal has always been to create convenient, affordable, scalable and efficient solutions that delight our customers. The Software Secure business has two main segments: higher education and certification/corporate assessments.

Higher Education: Working as one team, PSI and Software Secure will be able to serve institutions with the broadest range of proctoring services – including live proctoring. Together, we will be able to drive higher market penetration of online proctoring.

Certification/Corporate: PSI’s extensive experience sharpens our assessment delivery capability to drive increased ROI. With a combined base of over 1200 clients, PSI and Software Secure will be able to better serve this market, from assessment to credentialing.

Most importantly, as a Software Secure customer, we will continue to provide you with the same exceptional service and products you’ve come to expect from us. And we’ll do so as part of one of the world’s leading assessment companies.

The Marketplace

As the online education market has matured, and as testing has evolved –  the needs and requirements of institutions are changing. There is a growing need for integrated solutions that provide unlimited access and scalability. Together, PSI and Software Secure will provide higher education with the broadest product and solution set; and certification organizations and corporations with everything from test delivery to psychometrics and test banks. We are uniquely positioned to provide a complete offering; from the assessment and monitoring of online learners, to the testing of employee competency, all to help support life-long learning.

The future with PSI-Software Secure

The coming together of PSI and Software Secure is significant and we are excited about the future. Let me share a few of the key outcomes of our acquisition:

Single Source: With expertise in higher education, certification and licensure assessments, we provide a seamless solution. The PSI-SSI offering will help us continue our market leadership.

Shared Vision: We come together with the shared objective of solving the integrity challenge that faces our clients; colleges and universities, certification organizations and corporations.

Leading the Pack: Together PSI and Software Secure are best positioned to help the integrity and productivity of the assessment landscape through innovation in remote proctoring and test delivery.

Summing it up . . .

How do we feel about all this? Well, we’re pretty excited this is happening! It’s a great moment for Software Secure – and one that could only have been possible with the people around us – from our talented and dedicated employees to you, the 450+ customers who have supported us over the last 17 years. There will be changes and challenges ahead, but we couldn’t be more optimistic about the path ahead in 2017 and beyond.

Thank you, and looking forward to the future – with integrity!

Douglas M. Winneg, Founder, Software Secure
Senior Vice President, PSI Academic Market

P.S. — Read more about PSI’s acquisition of Software Secure in the press release here. And our Customer FAQ here.



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