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PSI Bridge Delivers Online Proctoring to AWS Certification Candidates Around the World

October 19, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications are a vital benchmark for IT and cloud professionals. These internationally recognized certifications build credibility and confidence and validate the skills and knowledge necessary to lead cloud initiatives using AWS. 

PSI now remotely delivers and supervises — or proctors — the full range of AWS Certification exams for Cloud Practitioners, Architects, Developers, and Operations roles, and specific technical areas like security, machine learning, and data analytics. Online Proctoring with PSI Bridge guarantees flexibility for busy professionals and offers them the chance to take any AWS exam in their home or office 24/7.  

“Next Generation” Hybrid Exam Delivery 

Gone are the days when test takers must travel to physical testing sites to complete authentic high-stakes examinations. Online proctoring with PSI Bridge ensures candidates the same testing experience that PSI has honed within our global network of in-person testing sites. The security, candidate support, and data protection that candidates expect while testing in person is now available at their fingertips online. 

“Flexibility is a key factor in our approach,” says Rory McCorkle, Senior Vice President of Certification at PSI. “We deliver millions of high-stakes exams each year at 1,200-plus PSI testing sites around the globe, and AWS Certification candidates can now enjoy the same levels of expertise and service in the digital space.” 

PSI and AWS partner to offer flexible options for IT certification tests.Run a system test using the same network and computer you will use on exam day. 

Top Tips for Candidates 

To take an online proctored exam, candidates will need a private, quiet location with a reliable internet connection and a webcam. It is recommended that organizations ensure network compatibility for examinations proctored in office locations. Candidates can also confirm that their computer meets all system requirements prior to their exam session, thereby ensuring accessibility and a smooth remote test taking experience. 

Accessing your AWS online proctored exam is as easy as one, two, thee: 

1. Log-in from the comfort of your home or office at your assigned examination time 
2. Verify your identity with the proctor 
3. Take your online proctored exam  

Additional resources and training for candidates, including exam scheduling guides and FAQs, are also available. 

Improved Candidate Experiences 

PSI provides state-of-the-art solutions that benefit test takers, and it’s never been easier or more secure to complete AWS Certification exams online. With a few clicks, test takers can find and schedule the exam they want to take – either in-person at a PSI testing site or remotely via online proctoring. When a candidate opts for online test delivery, they can check their system requirements, validate their identity with a government-issued ID, and launch their exam from a secure web browser simply and efficiently. 

Candidates can expect a rapid check-in process, so they can start their exams as quickly as possible. “Customer service and data privacy are always front of mind,” McCorkle says, “And PSI has developed a platform that assures candidates that they are supported throughout their entire test-taking journey without compromising their privacy or performance.” 

PSI and AWS partner to offer flexible options for IT certification tests.Online Proctoring via PSI Bridge  is available wherever AWS exams are offered. 

The Skills that Pay the Bills 

According to a recent Global Knowledge report on the 15 Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2020, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certifications are ranked in the top 8 based on the latest results from their 2020 IT Skills and Salary Survey. The number of jobs that often require AWS skills – including developer, architect, analyst, and engineer – is likely to grow over the next few years. 

Organizations across the world that have become part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) seek to earn AWS Certification distinctions to enhance their teams’ skills to support AWS customers. According to research by MTM, a subsidiary of Gartner and part of the APN, 60 percent of AWS Partners say their customers ask if they are AWS Certified. “PSI understands the real-world impact of AWS Certifications for practitioners in the field,” says McCorkle, “And our unique expertise delivering reliable online-proctored exams at scale allows candidates and partners to reap the benefits.” 

Global Innovation on Behalf of AWS Cloud 

Innovating with AWS has spurred PSI’s digital transformation to meet the needs of today’s IT and cloud professionals. To get started, sign into AWS Certification and schedule your exam with PSI.

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