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Expert Series: Communicate Your Policies to Prevent Exam Misconduct

November 21, 2019

In PSI's first video in our new Certification Expert Series, Rory McCorkle, PhD, our SVP of Certification, shares why communicating your exam policies is so important to help prevent exam misconduct. 

Exam policies are typically communicated in your candidate handbook or candidate agreement, which may end up functioning as your contract with the candidates as they take their exams. Naturally, this is why it’s so important to have an attorney review all this documentation and ensure that you are preparing for the optimal legal relief in the event that misconduct does occur.

But there are a lot of important reasons to directly communicate your policies to candidatesWatch the video below to learn how communicating your exam policies helps prevent exam misconduct.




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Rory McCorkle, PhD. Rory McCorkle, PhD. is the Senior Vice President, Certification & Admissions at PSI Services LLC. He has extensive experience both managing and consulting for credentialing programs, specializing in the strategic organization of these programs, their design and development. During his career, Rory has worked with over 350 associations and IT credentialing organizations, including well-known licensure programs and globally renowned certifications. Rory received his PhD in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, as well as his MBA from Drexel University’s College of Business.