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Marketing – Using Our Stories

December 7, 2016

Four weeks ago, I gathered with more than 15 other PSI staff members at the annual conference of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). This is the last major testing conference of the year for credentialing bodies and is a great opportunity to visit with hundreds of colleagues, clients, former coworkers, and others in this industry. At this conference, PSI hosted an event where we welcomed more than 80 representatives of our clients. As we had discussions over the dinner, I was struck by how many people these 80+ individuals represented. Each person represented their own professional background and story, but they also represented their organizations, each with thousands of credential holders and thousands more of individuals who practice in their professions.

At this conference, I also co-presented on market research and how credentialing bodies can leverage the data they collect. Data like satisfaction surveys, post-exam surveys, demographic information collected at time of registration, and more can help organizations better understand, reach, and communicate with prospects, candidates, and credential holders alike. Using this information is critical to being able to target limited marketing and communication resources to grow one’s credentialing program.

However, we also have an immense asset in the stories – the professional and personal experiences – of credential holders. Just as each person at the dinner represented their own professional story, finding out the backgrounds of credential holders, how their credential has factored into their professional and personal experience, and sharing that experience more widely is one of the most powerful marketing message any credentialing organization possesses.

PSI consults with a number of organizations, both as separate engagements and as part of our test development and psychometric services, on how they can continue to develop their programs and help them thrive. Our team’s experience working with hundreds of credentialing programs over the years can help you not only meet your functional test development needs, but also assist you with those day-to-day questions in running your program. Through these experiences, we have many stories of our own that we can share, offering case studies that help you enrich your own programs and learn from the successes and failures of others. Learn more about PSI’s test development, psychometric, and consulting services, as well as reading PSI’s evidence based psychometric briefings at http://corporate.psionline.com/certification/test-development-psychometric-services/.

Rory E. McCorkle, Ph.D., is Vice President of Certification Services at PSI.  Contact him at rmccorkle@psionline.com, or by phone at 818.847.6180.

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