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ATP SESSION PREVIEW: Technology Enhanced Assessment – Opportunities to Innovate and Improve the Value of Testing

January 30, 2018

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the design, delivery and use of assessments, and new emerging technologies are on the horizon. Testing methodologies are changing as organizations make use of the latest technologies to identify and develop the next generation of talent. A rapidly growing trend is the use of technology to incorporate multimedia, simulations, and even game-based tests to assess career readiness, job fit, management potential and professional competence. As organizations seek to build their future talent pools, they are turning to technology-enriched assessment for more accessible and engaging experiences to reach potential applicants.

An article in the Wall Street Journal (June 26, 2017) highlights the trend towards technology-enhanced assessment (TEA) to reach the next generation of the workforce at Unilever, where an online game-based assessment (GBA) was paired with an automated video-based interview process to draw job applicants from over 2,600 colleges; they had previously recruited graduates from only ten schools. Similar examples may be found with global companies, such as Jaguar Land Rover, who are also studying whether the combination of so-called “gamified” assessments in conjunction with easy-access web processes allows them to reach a higher caliber of applicants in a more engaging and compelling way (New York Times, 2017).

Those who use TEA do so because they believe that it improves authenticity and engagement, promotes deeper learning, and allows greater flexibility because they are typically delivered an online (or similar) platform that allows applicants and candidates to access them at their convenience. However, the empirical evidence needed to inform practice in this area is in its nascent stage.

Next month at ATP’s Innovations in Testing conference in San Antonio, I will be joined by experts in technology-enhanced assessment to lead an engaging and interactive discussion that highlights issues, challenges, and trends in the application of technology in the design, delivery and use of assessments. The panel will draw from diverse backgrounds and experiences in Human Capital Management and credentialing assessment to evaluate current and emerging technology applications and trends. The panel will also discuss the interplay between technology, secure delivery, and forensics to ensure the integrity of assessment processes.

To learn more, join me and my fellow panelists – Liberty Munson, Microsoft, and Robert McHenry -  for this ATP session on Monday, February 19th, from 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m., where we will discuss topics, such as: How is assessment changing today as a result of technology? What is the state of the art? To what extent has the current use of technology improved the quality of assessment? What are the challenges and opportunities in using technology enhanced assessment? 

We hope to see you there!

John Weiner is Executive Vice President & Chief Science Officer at PSI.  Contact him at jweiner@psionline.com or by phone at 818.847.6180.

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