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Select International Adds Online Program to Safety Development Suite

Posted by  Danielle Desko

- SafetyDNA Program Reduces Workplace Injuries -

Pittsburgh, September 18, 2017 – Recently, Select International launched its new online SafetyDNATM Assessment and Development Program, complementing its popular SafetyDNA for Leaders program. Learners experience a 30-minute safety assessment, measuring their unique SafetyDNA, followed up by a 60-minute online personal safety development course. The interactive course uses advanced online training technologies including simulations, expert videos, program narration, and mini-assessments throughout. Using an experiential learning model, participants experience how their unique SafetyDNA impacts their safety behavior.

The SafetyDNA profile comprises four empirically validated safety factors - Control, Awareness, Rules and Caution. These factors are backed by research studies of 1,000s of individuals, directly correlating their safety profiles to at-risk behaviors, workplace incidents, and injury severity.

Participants receive custom online feedback based on their SafetyDNA results, including their safety blind spots which enables them to adapt behaviors to reduce their workplace exposures.

The program introduces a new component, TaskDNA. With visible TaskDNA signage, employees quickly see primary exposures in their work areas AND understand how these impact their personal safety, based on their unique safety traits. Now workers are equipped to anticipate personal high-exposure situations and engage in safer behavior while completing a given task.

"The ability to improve safety behavior by understanding it emanates from one's SafetyDNA, is a game changer in the safety space," explains Chris Klinvex, EVP Safety Solutions Group. "Employees now start a personal journey that is unique to their internal safety traits. For the first time, safety development is truly personal and efficient."

To learn more about the new SafetyDNA Assessment and Development Program, click here.

Tags:   Corporate Safety

Danielle Desko

is a Marketing Manager at PSI.

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